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If your old water heater has broken down, you are in the right place. You can view the largest selection of water heaters at hot water heaters.

The old boiler is worn out, leaked, no longer heats water. You urgently need a new one. At hot water heaters, we offer a huge selection of water heaters from the best manufacturers. Also, we have different types of water heaters, namely: storage water heaters, flow water heaters and combined water heaters.

Accumulation boilers are sold in standard sizes and with two types of boilers. One type is prochromic cauldrons that have an unlimited lifetime and enameled cauldrons that have a limited lifetime.

Hot Water Heaters

Flow boilers do not have a boiler for hot water accumulation. They heat the water using a coil-shaped heater as the water passes over it. That way, hot water is always available. These boilers are currently the most sought after, as they are the most rewarding to use. The large assortment will delight you and we are sure that you will choose one of them.

On hot water heaters, you can also view the offer for combined boilers. If you have central heating, solar systems or some other type of heating in your home, these water heaters are ideal for you. Water heating doesn’t have to be electricity-only, you can use other forms of energy to heat water.

Depending on where you install the water heater, we have free-standing, vertical and horizontal ones, so you will be able to find what you need with us.

If you want to buy a water heater without leaving your home, one click on hot water heaters is enough. The boiler will be at your address as soon as possible from the moment you order it.